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And how could it not with so many future luminaries to inspire him? His prose turns gaga at the mere mention of Thompson, who seemed to him marked for Oscar winning stardom from the start. But then Fry is better at pointing out the contradictions in his character than anyone else. Nonetheless, his native insecurity, compounded by a form of bipolar disorder, which he briefly mentions but appears to be saving for a later chronicle, has created quite a bit of havoc in his life.

The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography - The Examined Life

Fry may see Alan Bennett as an idealized version of himself, but his own success is impossible to deny. The warmth with which he speaks of Laurie and Thompson gives you a sense of why audiences across the board have found him so companionable.

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He does natter on about himself in an loosely edited flow, but more genial company would be hard to find. But nice to link to the web directly. As a book, it was quite good and it enjoyably opened my eyes to Cambridge and the lives of people moving into show biz.

Handling Edna by Barry Humphries and The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry: review

Too much self deprecation - why can't the British take pride in their hard work and success? Some unspoken rule?? Being someone that hates to read and instead prefers to dip in and out of audio books even then my attention struggles.

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I had quite a problem when this book arrived. I wanted to experience it because I admire Stephen Fry, but then you've the book, enhanced book, audio book and the extremely interesting app myfry. I decided to go for the enhanced book, the featured videos winning me over. As a result ive breezed through the first quarter of the book in one sitting.

Which is unheard of for me. I've heard the term "page turner" but never experienced it until now.

The greatest review that I can give this book is that it's extremely well written. Stephen Fry is an award winning comedian, actor, presenter and director.

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His legions of fans tune in to watch him host the popular quiz show QI each week, as well as his documentaries on subjects as varied as manic depression, disappearing animals and the United States of America. Contact Katya Shipster katya. View all blogs. Key features include; instead of reading The Fry Chronicles from beginning to end, readers use a tagged colourwheel to explore the book content in a non-linear fashion — every reader will have a unique experience with the app.

Find your way with a choice of four colour-coded categories; People Hugh Laurie , Subjects Cambridge Years, Blackadder , Feelings self-criticism, love and Fryisms bourgeoisified to badolescence.