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Items related to Hunt the Winterlands. Monks; Marc N. Hunt the Winterlands. Monks ; Marc N. Kleinhenz ; Nate Barlow. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Long ago in distant lands, a great explosion struck the heart of the Daggar Mountain range, causing every race and city, as well as nearly all animal and plant life, to collapse.

Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Hunt the Winterlands Brown, Josh. Published by Createspace Seller Rating:. New Paperback Quantity Available: Hunt the Winterlands Josh Brown. New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. The entrance is at 65,86 Edit: corrected. Comment by catspats31 As of patch 2. Comment by loky For any hordes traveling to the hinterlands from Tarren Mill, theres a lvl dwarf guard on the road and hes hostile.

Comment by mysteltainn For horde going to the hinterlands: don't forget to pick up the following quests to maximize your questing efficiency. Comment by Daedric Hinterlands is one of, if not the best mithril mining zones.

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Just circle around the outside, and you will find alot of nodes. The only other zone I thought might be better was Tanaris, but after spending a day mining at each, I think Hinterlands is the best. Comment by Tenerifis What is the area just behind Seradane the circle of rocks around a dragonskull and one is glowing blue.

Comment by Aenardhil Any one know what is the circle of stone and the skeletal dragon's head in Comment by Gherod This is a beautiful zone, terrific Mithril mining if you stick to the edges of the map but avoid Seradane , fun, easy, rewarding quests for levels both Alliance and Horde. Great zone! And it looks gorgeous too : I leveled up from 40 to 45 in no time in this area, and the quest rewards are awsome as well. Comment by Vissian No bullet vendors for the Horde, just Arrows. Comment by xaratherus It is also possible to reach the Hinterlands from Western Plaguelands: If you make your way north along the banks of the river east of Southshore, you'll find yourself meandering out of Hillsbrad, through the Alterac Mountains, to where the river eventually feeds into Darrowmere Lake.

Head east along the south shore of the lake to 65,86 or approximately halfway between the spur jutting north into the lake and the bridge leading out to Scholomance. This is the mouth of Plaguemist Ravine, which leads north into the Hinterlands. Comment by LolBen Mining - There is alot of mithril here, few iron, gold, truesilver and even small thorium ores too. Like most ore spots i persume, you can find the them around hills, the mountains and in caves.

Comment by Adhara Anyone know what's in the little mountained-off area east of Seradane? I remember swimming up the coast for, oh, probably half an hour trying to find a way up there. Is it just one of those little areas, like the far west of Tirisfal Glades or the "airport" in Dun Morogh, that Blizzard never got around to developing, or something? Comment by Rawen It's not an unfinished area, it used to be one of the spawn places to raid one of the four dragons, also you needed to grind the elites there for AQ40 scepter prequest.

Comment by semisage The trolls here drop Wildvine, which is a fairly rare and valuable mat in my server Thunderlord. They are selling for about 1. The drop rate is fairly low though, no more than one for 20 kills. I found four doing all the troll quests in the Hinterlands alliance. Comment by Capp3 For you guys who, just like me, couldn't find an innkeeper even though you made a tracking on the mini-map : the innkeeper is actually deep inside the Wildhammer Keep!

Now you don't have to worry anymore, your beloved hearthstone will still be able to help you find the way home when you're tired little gnum feets can't carry you any longer. Comment by coyote72 Lore: "While seeking a way to remove Dar'Khan's enchanted collars from around his neck which trapped him in humanoid form and Anveena's, Kalec travelled to the Hinterlands - and in the process, battling the forces of both the Scourge and the Forsaken Baron Valimar Mordis - and it was there that he discovered that Anveena possessed great power, demonstrated by saving him from a potentially fatal fall from the cliffs below the Baron's castle.

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Its insane. The Horde Quests in Hinterlands are too blood thirsty! Comment by k1kaps where do the most of the quests starts for alliance here? Comment by Arcanecynic Awesome leveling zone for horde characters. I did STV from 36 to around lvl 45, then did some quests in Swamp of Sorrows, wich really gives a nice amount of quests wich are quite easy to do. After that I headed to Dustwallow Marsh, they also have greats quests there, and really easy to do since there are two flightpaths to travel between, making it a fast lvl or 2.

After hinterlands, Ungoro, Ferelas, and Ashenvale are good zones to try aswell for lvl Comment by Sukhdev Great place for alliance to lvl at. Comment by fenoglio what lvl do i need to fish here. Comment by cloudp A thing worth mentioning about the horde quests in their village. There are very few chains i myself got none, but probably just missed it. So, pick up ALL quests, do you thing, come back and you're done.

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Very simple. Comment by Shapeman also to note is that the model for all male forest trolls has changed making them huskier and making their tusks different. Comment by Inekadam Great horde quests btw. Loved it when they shouted "Were under attack" lol. Comment by nightwolfkklz the things up there are so cool ilike the one with the sun go down it my fave i cant stop thinking of how long i did not no ths web ;D.

Comment by nightwolfkklz in the hiterlands i get all my pets there they so cool the wolf omg there so cute i love the wolf i have like 2 pet wolf kller and buddy they so cool i like how they look. Comment by CountKill Anyone know how to get back to the mainland after you drop down to the east coast? I am stuck. Comment by Adharita for every leatherworker out there: go to the coast just north of raventusk village and skin turtles. Comment by GlumTheGnome Jintha'Alor has plenty of Purple Lotus and is great for levelling Herbalism from , then you can go do laps around the Hinterlands to level it up even more!

Comment by Gorezhul For both horde and alliance there is infact a forge for both. Just took me awhile to find it. For other confused alliance, just go up the hill left of the High Thane and go into that building. There is a forge and a anvil for you. Comment by cptrguru I spent an hour on my mount and was finally able to get on top of the mountains in the uncharted area! I went all the way around the rim, and it was a valley with DEAD vertical cliffs. I decided that if I could get to the top on mount, it would be a sinch with a wisp I then spent the next 2 hours trying to get back to where my body was, so I could resurrect.

I could not get up there without a mount. Moral of the story is, don't waste your time trying to get there Curiosity killed this cat. Comment by Wahsh And if you are in a hurry you can jump from the waterfall into the sea, the fastest way down, you will survive. Comment by Jex Wow that riding crop thingy is really a piece of! See the problem? Comment by Dinkyy The riding crop change was done by Blizzard since they wanted to remove mount speed bosst itemsat level This change applies to the Riding Crop, Carrot on a Stick, Enchant gloves - riding, and mithril spurs.

Second off, why are we discussing the riding crop on the Hinterlands page? Comment by oneevilchef Here's a tough one for you Activating it will spawn 3 Hungry Trolls. Any ideas about it? Is it a quest? Comment by Thottbot Ok so How do I get here? Comment by Thottbot The passage from Hillsbrad to Hinterlands is at coords 83 Comment by Thottbot There is a winding path back up through the cliffs to get off the beach, which can be hard to spot if you didn't use it to come down, It's south of the waterfall, about halfway down the beach, roughly level with the entrance area of Jintha Alor.

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Comment by Thottbot Horde does after this patch have a flight patch for this Area and its located on the shore 81, Comment by Thottbot Yeah, I know for sure there is a forge here for aliance. Can't say the same about horde tho, havn't levelled my preist high enough to enter yet. As for where it's located; as you go up to the gryphon, there is a circular building to the left. Much like the forge found in the first dwarf town inside Dun Morugh, except it's totally deserted inside.

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Comment by Thottbot Could someone share the coords for the Alliance griffin master? Comment by Thottbot Go up the coastline about half way. It's just beyond one of the ruins. Try after each one and if there is a path that leads up take it. I had to search for it after I knew the coords for it. Comment by Thottbot There is a repair man upstairs in Windhammer Keep.