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I worked with Alexandra for over eight years in the Jon-Don marketing department, watching her progress from a proofreader and marketing assistant to senior copywriter, event planner, special projects coordinator, and my right-hand. First and foremost, she brings a natural writing talent to the table combined with copywriting skills honed over a nearly a decade marketing to businesses nationwide.

A stickler for detail, Alexandra can always be counted on to be accurate, thorough and neat. Her proofreading and editing services ensure that not only will your written communications be grammatically correct, but they will also be a far more pleasant experience for the reader.

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Her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and warm sense of humor make her a welcome addition to any team. Puppy Love Pet Grooming is a small dog and cat! The owner of the business is a fantastic dog groomer with a loyal following of happy pet owners, but she was struggling to get her website where it needed to be in order to drive more customers to her shop.

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  6. Her website is now getting great traffic, and her Google Places page is sending new clients her way every week. She has even hired on additional staff members to help her with the workload. She helped capture my dream. I get compliments till this very day of how adorable the site is. And how easy it is to use the page. She really captured the true meaning of my business. I run a dog grooming salon and she gave it the warm and welcoming feeling that I wanted it to have. She designed the logo of my salon. The logo is so different and original from all the other store logos that I have seen.

    It is welcoming and makes you smile when you see it. It truly stands out. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for someone that will go above and beyond to help you. Number 4 just jumped out at me.

    Enhance your small talk

    I hate talking the talk and not walking the walk. Jon, Very observant. I kept thinking you were going to run out of types, but you kept hitting on good ones. Great article. A dissenting voice here. I found this essay—and it is an essay—just really sad. Why take such a hypercritical view of people? Life is too short. That kinda motivated me to just go ahead and make a damn video.

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    Any kind of video, where I just talk or review something. It turns into quite the balancing act for me. Well, I think that covers just about every type of blog commenter out there. Laughing, Carl.

    Finding the Best Preschool in Granite Bay

    That was my ex husband. The answer to every technical question started with the creation of Arpanet. What a great read! Absolutely one of the best posts I have read in a while! Ever notice when you have a mindset about something, some article or blog post seems to confirm what you were thinking? Every once in awhile you need a little slap on the cheek, a sort of verbal cold shower to bring that self-awareness out of the wings to center stage. Number three.

    Right here. Thank you for providing the pill today.

    Much appreciated. This post is probably more revealing than you meant it to be. At times it sounds like you are talking about people YOU wish would shut up. Shall I get out my pitchfork and get in line behind you? At times you sound apologetic for behaviors you seem to find in yourself. Other times, you sound like you are just rationalizing your gut dislike for certain types. Sometimes non-finishers can bring kindness to a world dominated by bloody-minded finishers. You want to claim credit for inviting dissent, yet this post itself is a brilliantly-crafted attempt to create an echo chamber and shut dissent up, short of turning comments off.

    While a bias towards short and pithy is understandable on a site about copywriting, you vastly overstate your case. KISS keep it short, stupid advocates think they are being decisive and action-oriented. Bottomline: your post just makes me sad, and pessimistic about the future of blogging if opinions like this were to rule.

    Sometimes stirring the pot is good, when done with clear good faith. This sort of thing just serves to radicalize and polarize web discourse and create insular silos of groupthink. I LOVE this post!! I need to print this one and read often. Venkat, while I think Jon can do just about anything, somehow I am not terribly worried that this post is going to create any insular silos or polarize the Web.

    Sure, he puts things strongly. Do I recognize myself in some of these? Of course I do. Do I think Jon sees himself in a few of them? Is this the end of the world? Not so much. I know what you mean. If they just stopped talking and complaining for a while they might actually finish some work.

    All he has is his voice, which he relays through words. I ran into someone like that once. He thought he was SOOO smart and he was clueless beyong clueless. I blocked and unfollowed him on Twitter without bothering to respond. At the same time, all of us probably have offended on at least one of the above points here and there, even when not in such extremes. Shane: I did not know that about Jon, and should it really make a difference? Seems to me mitigating my speech for that reason would actually be a bad thing.

    You and Sonia both clearly know Jon well, and perhaps that familiarity allows you to read the article in a way strangers cannot. As for the parrot, hey! Once every few months, some unfortunate blog receives my attention. My years of interaction with others has taught me that when something truly bothers me about another, that annoyance is an insight into an aspect of my own character. I suggested you study Jon some more to get a clearer picture of the man, not submit to speech migitation sessions.

    I mention his condition as a reference point to illustrate how obsurd it would be for Jon to advocate killing speech. The more you know about someone, the more informed your judgement of them will be. I speak for myself, by the way, not the site. This blog is no silo. Comments are open and no password is needed.