Harpers Team: Behind the Scenes in the Conservative Rise to Power

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Tom Flanagan's Playbook for Ultimate Harper Victory

Losing the Signal. Jacquie McNish. Graeme Smith. In the beginning of his book, Flanagan explicitly reflects a moderate view associated with a central approach to conservatism. According to Hayek, liberal society is a spontaneous order that is deeply rooted in human nature Fishman In other words, it depends on a particular government, a limited one, to maintain the spontaneous order constrained by the particular moral rules of a certain society. At some times, however, Flanagan implicitly shows an extreme right- wing political view.

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Recently, on November 30, , Flanagan called for the assassination of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. His moral conservatism also depicts his neo- conservatism in some way. His position contradicts what his party did in practice. It can be seen that Tom Flanagan represents conflicting conservative ideologies that are partially shaped by his own views on economic and social conservatism.

These advancements were reflected through the adoption of new technologies and a well managed campaign. In the election, the Canadian Alliance won 9 out of 34 seats while the Progressive Conservatives won 4 out of 11 seats. In and elections, harpers team regained confidence working with bloggers and making a good use of Blackberry messaging.

In fact, Paul Martin was quite surprised when asked about his environmentally unfriendly Boeing aircraft on his way back from an environmental conference. Apparently, it was only at the time of the merger that party members disagreed among themselves.

Justin Trudeau asks Canadians in french for a majority government

Flanagan, however, could have added more information about the merger as it seemed impossible at that time due to the many failed attempts to unite the right. David Orchard signed an agreement with Peter Mackay to prevent the merger and later filed a lawsuit to prevent it. For unknown reasons, this agreement was not mentioned by Flanagan.

During both national campaigns, Flanagan attempts to reflect on the improvements of their economic and social policies through their platforms that, unlike what he mentions, seem to be indifferent and even less inspiring. In other words, their platform was hardly better or even different from their platform. The Federal Accountability Act was not a surprising idea as the conservative government was to replace a 13 years of liberal government.

Other issues such as abortion and bilingualism remained untouched in their platform.

rstthornton.com/1567.php Perhaps, it is shaped by his incremental and moderate approach to politics in general. Undoubtedly, party leader and organization reflect almost enough on what the public need to know during an election campaign. Certainly, getting through four election campaigns in a short period of time requires a well managed campaign team. In terms of the leader, however, Flanagan seems to avoid any comments about Harper. Campaigns result in the choice of people to fill positions, not ideas to be implemented.

If we follow Flanagan's thesis, Justin Trudeau's strength on the campaign trail will not be derived from Liberal policies, but rather from being the most attractive alpha figure. It sets Trudeau, a charismatic and virile young male, up against the prevailing alpha male, Stephen Harper, an aging and cranky lion whose battle scars have begun slowing him down. As every alpha figure knows, they get to be top dog or queen bee for exactly as long as they can dominate within their own inner circle of supporters. It's Darwinian; there are always ambitious competitors circling the leader with an eye on becoming the next alpha figure.

But is this truly what federal election campaigns have been reduced to in the 21st century? According to Flanagan, it is: create a coalition of supporters around an alpha figure and undertake a militaristic, all-consuming campaign to win power by whatever means available. Flanagan, a professor of political studies at the University of Calgary, provided deeper insight into the alpha cult style of Darwinian campaigning in Harper's Team: Behind the Scenes in the Conservative Rise to Power , the tell-almost-all book on the Conservative campaigns. Harper wasn't happy with Flanagan's revelations and cast him out of the coalition.