Forbidden Love: Once Bitten

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What Harkness started trying to do was re-imagine the modern world through 16th century eyes. Where do witches hang out? How would a vampire date anyone? The way I answered those questions was through the story. This draws her to the attention of a gaggle of powerful witches, destructive demons and vampires who have been quietly living alongside humans without us realising it. Among them is vampire scientist Matthew Clairmont, years old, brooding, rich and devastatingly handsome.

They fall for each other, despite the fact there is a strict ban on vampires and witches getting it together, and this unleashes a whole lot of trouble.

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Interestingly, Harkness claims not to have read the recent slew of vampire fiction before working on the book. The 80s was their last in-time and now they're back with a vengeance. Magic is always there when science is found wanting. Though Harkness will admit to being a huge Gabaldon fan, she shrugs off the comparison.

But I don't think it's true beyond the fact that there's a hunky hero and a time- travel element. But what I most wanted to give readers was a sense of happy escape, to write a novel that had ideas in it but was also entertaining. The book has been sold in 34 countries and Harkness is fending off requests for the film rights. Films are wonderful but they do fix an identity. I just have to get it on the page.

I've already written what I believe is the last chapter of the third book. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.

New Zealand. Sonya is a med student and has been dating Raul for a couple of weeks. One night as she's kissing him goodnight at the door, he bites her. Ty, our hero, chases Raul away, but he is captured by someone else. Sonya goes back to her apartment and passes out for two days. Raul sends her a letter saying she's special and Loki will look after her, just like Sonya's father said. The people who captured Ty are the council of the werewolf packs. They appoint him to be Sonya's kennari, which is someone who Sonya is a med student and has been dating Raul for a couple of weeks.

They appoint him to be Sonya's kennari, which is someone who helps the newly bitten go through their transition. If a newly bitten werewolf doesn't learn to control their emotions they can go insane and have to be put down. When Ty gets back to Sonya she has already started to sprout fangs and she's more than ready to find out what is happening to her. As Sonya and Ty are driving to Ty's house, they are stopped by men from Raul's pack. Raul was supposed to have an arranged marriage with another pack and he didn't want to follow through with it. Now, he feels that Sonya is his and her Kennari should come from his pack.

Sonya spends about three weeks at Ty's house as he trains her and explains werewolf culture. They are so crazy attracted to each other that I'm amazed they were able to speak in complete sentences. The mega attraction was definitely over the top, but I appreciated that they didn't fall into bed immediately.

This was a good book although I never really connected with the characters. Ty and Sonya would have been better with more introspection or anything else that would have resulted in character depth. I really liked the idea of starting with a person who has just been bitten and following them through their transition. While the book dragged in the middle a bit, it was interesting.

Mar 21, J rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley.

Forbidden Fruit

There were things I liked, things I didn't. The author portrayed the whole "shifter" thing in a pretty unique way. Sonya got bitten right at the beginning of the book which started her change.

The way werewolves shifted, how the transformation happened, and how they lived pretty much totally normal "people" , were a bit of a different twist. They never thought of their "wolves" as a separate identity like you usually see. They were pretty much just people who could turn into 2. They were pretty much just people who could turn into a wolf. Not two entities in one.

There was not the typical "I smelled you and know you are my mate immediately" kind of thing. They just dated like a regular couple.

Once Bitten, Forever Burned

Ty was not your typical shifter either. He was pretty much always calm and centered, a really nice guy, had control of himself, was always totally honest about everything, and liked Sonya but never had the "you are MINE" mentality. Unfortunately, he was kind of dull and boring. He was definitely the zen-ist werewolf I've ever read about. And I absolutely hated that he didn't use contractions. I know it was intentional and even explained in the book.

Doesn't make it less annoying. I liked that Sonya could take care of herself. I always like a strong heroine. I didn't really feel the connection between her and Ty as much as I wanted to although I do appreciate that it wasn't a love at first sight situation.

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I just wasn't that invested in them. The plot, or the idea of the plot, was good and the book was well written but I just felt like it dragged on. I wish some of that action and element of danger had been present throughout the book and that the pace would have been quicker. Side characters were only briefly portrayed.

Not quite enough to get a handle on them but Lars and Ayra are two characters that seem like they will be interesting. I might give the next book a try and see what unfolds. I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review Apr 27, Denise Van plew rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-given-for-review.

It had been a minute since I had been in this genre with this little gem drawing my attention. This was also first time for me reading this author. The female lead in this was once going in one direction but when Sonya gets a encounter of a furry kind which will change it all for her.

Once Bitten Forever Burned Review

Ty the male lead will have it hard with a challenge. Not that he can't teach but resist is something else.

You will get caught up in the drama that unfolds. This is also first in a series and love when I catch the It had been a minute since I had been in this genre with this little gem drawing my attention. This is also first in a series and love when I catch the beginnings.

Once Bitten

This one gives you great background which enables you to really enter in this world and love it. With different kinds of elements this one is a winner. The chemistry in turn ensures you too have to see how this turns out. She will have me coming back to another one from this series. Apr 20, Petula rated it it was amazing. Sonya is just a student working her way through med school as a waitress. A man who has been chatting her up for a while tries to take things further than she wants. The result of that night will change her forever. Werewolf Ty gets picked up by the authorities along with the ones he is fighting.

He will then get a task that will test his control to the limit.

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  7. If our heroine is to survive she must learn to control her new abilities. Her teacher is proving quite the distraction. They must find ou Sonya is just a student working her way through med school as a waitress. They must find out why so many wolves are after her. This is the beginning of a new series, and stars Viking werewolves.